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Ahhh, the Holidays! 

It’s that time of year… 

When Christmas brings wonderment, joy, and even a little magic to our lives.  

For many, the most magical Christmas moments involve celebrating age-old traditions. And the traditions in almost every country that celebrates Christmas include precious metals.  

Especially the most famous precious metal of all… gold.

The meaning of Christmas gold  

Gold has always been an essential part of the deeper meaning of Christmas. As you may know, gold was one of the royal gifts the Three Wise Men gave to Jesus at his birth. And since that first gift, gold has found its way into beautiful holiday traditions worldwide.  

We see gold in our wrapping paper and bows…  

Gold graces our ornaments and decorations…  

We give gifts of gold jewelry…  

And we sing about gold (and silver) in our traditional holiday songs. 

In the song “Do you know what I know?” about the birth of Jesus, a shepherd boy says “Let us bring him silver and gold.” We sing of five gold rings given on the fifth day of “The 12 Days of Christmas.” And Burl Ives sang of “Silver and Gold” as a snowman in the 1964 animated film Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: 

Silver and gold, 
Silver and gold, 
Means so much more when I see 
Silver and gold decorations 
On every Christmas tree. 

After all, it’s not a proper Christmas tree without gold and silver, is it? And the most famous form of decorative gold and silver on a Christmas tree? 

Silver tinsel  

Before the first string of electric lights appeared in 1882, people used candles to decorate Christmas trees. And for many years prior, some used silver tinsel to reflect the candlelight.  

In many traditions worldwide, tinsel symbolizes the light and hope of the season. Its twinkling, reflective quality adds a festive touch. And it’s often used to complement silver and gold ornaments — each with its own symbolic meaning: 

Silver decorations often represent peace or snow. Gold ornaments often represent the Sun, which is a symbolic way to bring warmth to the winter holiday. 

And, as the cold of winter brings us together… 

May the twinkling glow of silver and gold bring you warmth and joy. May you enjoy every moment of celebrating your traditions with loved ones.  
And from everyone here at Gold Alliance…  

We wish you a very, very happy and prosperous Gold & Silver Holiday.  


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